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How to debug Oracle Form 11g at runtime

With the 11G version of Oracle Form we are allowed to perform local traces at run time,
the truth is that it is quite simple and allows us to detect errors and make tests quite easily.

To perform this DEBUG mode, we must bear in mind that we must have the application configured locally.

First of all we will configure the FORM BUILDER:

In “Edit \ Preferences”, execution tab:


(sorry for the blur image)

In Server URL Application:

http: // dev-forms11: AFSHAN / forms / frmservlet form = PANTALLA_CONEXION . FMX & config = NAME_CONNECTION

The highlighted words are those that will be replaced by those of your port, home screen and connection to the database.

Being PANTALLA_CONEXION .fmx the form where we set the loggin of the database to which we will connect. If we want to point to another environment, we should modify this screen. Or have one for each environment, and modify it from here, that already to the consumer’s liking.

Being NAME_CONNECT the DATABASE that you have configured in the TNSNAME ( CONNECT_DATA = (SID = NAME_CONNECT ) ).

In Explorer Web Location:

Once this is configured, we will have to open the FORM that we want to debug,
add the breakpoints from where we are interested,
and press the “Execute screen debugging” button , then the application will open in local to the one we are pointing to,
the login will appear to enter, and we will work normally,
when we are in the screen that we have open in FORM BUILDER and go through the breaking point we will go to the FORM BUILDER in debug mode.

Once we are in the FORM BUILDER in debug mode, we can see variables, values ​​of the screen … we can stop the execution, move to the next line.

I do not know if I have explained myself well, if you have doubts ask me what is needed.

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