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Control Files Oracle 11G

Control file in Oracle is a binary file and defines the current state of Physical Database.It helps maintain Integrity of database. They are required at the MOUNT state during database startup and to operate the database. Each control file is linked to a Database and loss of control file may require a recovery. They initially sized by CREATE DATABASE command.

These files are very important component of database and they have the information that is not available in any of the files in Oracle.  The information in control files is

1. What is the name of the database
2. Name location size of data and Redo log files.
3. If your database crash, these files have recovery information

When these Control Files are Generated:
Control files are generated on the same date when your data base is created.

How these Control files are updated?
Oracle Control files are updated with a background process called CKPT, this process update each and every control file every time the content is changed.

How many Control Files?
According to my knowledge 2 Control files are must for any Database but normally when you install Oracle 11g three control files are generated.

How can i see my Oracle Control files?
You can see your control files using query

To find control file location:

SQL> show parameter control_files


col value format a41 

    name = ‘control_files’; 


    rpad(substr(name,1,50),51,’ ‘) “control file name” 








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