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Connect SQL Developer with MySQL

We are going to configure sqldeveloper to be able to access a MySQL database.

We have installed a basic configuration of Mysql and an old version of sqldeveloper.

We need to download the JDBC driver for MySQL ” mysql-connector-java-5.1.45.tar.gz “, this can be done from the page “https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/”



Once downloaded we unzip it, in our case we do it in the following path “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ sqldeveloper- \ drivers”, we have created a folder in the developer’s folder drivers.

The next step is to select that driver from the developer, in order to configure connections with MySql.

By default, nothing appears:


Click on add entry and select our drivers:

We select and we have our drivers loaded in sqldeveloper.


To add a new connection we will see a “MySQL” tab.


Create a new connection.


Add connection settings and start using your database.


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