Add/Install Microsoft LoopBack Adapter


Microsoft Loop Back Adapter is  a must and prerequisite  for many software like , Oracle DB, VM Ware, SAP etc.

Today i will explain you how to install and configure it.

Step 1: Go to Windows Device Manager.

LoopBack Adapter

Step 2:  Right Click on Computer name and select Add Legacy Hardware.


Step 3:  In the Wizard select Next.


Step 4:  Select ” Install hardware manually from a list “.


Step 5:  From hardware types , select ” Network Adapters”.


Step 6: From Manufacturer select Microsoft, and from Network Adapters select ” Microsoft KM-TEST Loopback Adapter” .


Step 7: Click  Next button to install.


Step 8: Click Finish.


Step 9: Open Network Sharing Center.


Step 10: You will see an unknow Network here it, which Windows try to connect, is you Loopback Adapter.

Step 11: Go to Properties of that network and go to Internet Protocl Version 4 Configurations to add a static IP.

Step 12: You must add these settings else Loopback Adapter will not work ( here is case for ORACLE database )

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Preferred DNS Server:


Step 13:  Click Ok and your loopback adapter is up and working. Enjoy 🙂

Remember to Install and configure it before Installing Oracle Database.

Oracle Installation on Windows

Today I am posting about how to install oracle 11g 64 bit on windows server 2012.

In this post I will also discuss error INS-13001.

Windows Server 2012 configurations:

Windows Edition:  

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard


Intel 2.60 GHz 2 Processors

RAM: 16 GB

64-bit Operating System


Java, JDK6 or Higher 64-bit.

Loopback adapter ( for installation see this post )

Softwares ( to download ) :

  • Java (jdk-6u29-windows-x64 OR higher)

 I install Java 7 SDK and JRE , it’s really difficult to find Java 6 setup on internet now , luckily I found it on my backup hard drive.


  • Oracle Database (11g R2) 64-bit

You can get setup from this link

  • Download .


  • Extract the 2 zip files of Database (11g R2) 64-bit to a common folder win64_11gR2_database.


  • Note:Extract it to the same folder.Else while installing the database it will error out because some files will be missing. It comes around 2.12GB after unzipping.
  • Stop all services of oracle if there is any version running already on System, and uninstall oracle through utility.
  • Delete all the homes created previously to avoid confusion.



  • If you get this error when you start setup , Install database by clicking on the setup.

“ Oracle Installer:[INS-13001] Environment does not meet minimum requirements “

Then do use below method to start Installation Utility.

  • Run Setup.exe with this command
  • In command prompt go to location of setup.exe folder and type this

Setup.exe -ignoreSysprereqs –ignorePrereq


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